Case stories

The Nearshore Factory is a team of dedicated professionals who provide
high-quality IT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives.

The Nearshore Factory is a team of dedicated professionals who provide high-quality IT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives.


Cegeka partners with Metro Systems Romania to transform it into a lean, flexible and Agile company.


  • Agile training and coaching to the management team.
  • Changing the internal mindset and processes of the company from waterfall-based to agile.
  • Further supporting the 5 pillars of METRO SYSTEMS Romania: Agile Development, DevOps, Operations and Support, Agile Testing and Change Management and Training.


  • Acquisition of agile techniques to inspire quality and work consistency.
  • Open communication channels, intuitive feedback processes and increased visibility and transparency among and within the teams.
  • Faster time to market and higher quality software set-up as program projects.


VDAB and Cegeka use Agile methodologies to grow job search platform capacities.


  • Making VDAB’s jobs platform accesible to local and interbational users.
  • Creating a fast, easy-to-use system that links candidate skills to corresponding jobs.
  • Developing an application platform to assist soon-to-be graduates as they enter the labor market.


  • Collaboration with users is smoother, faster and simpler.
  • Candidates can arrange interviews and manage their careers using the platform.
  • Employers can simply match job vacancies with information in candidate profiles using the VDAB database.


Carglass is implementing the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 in partnership with Cegeka.


  • Pioneering the implementation of an ERP system running in the public cloud
  • Integrating an ERP system and a customized software within an existing business structure and infrastructure.
  • Combining a standard ERP solution with newly-developed, custom-made software for different business processes.


  • Substantial progress in this longterm project of migrating business processes to the public cloud
  • Complete reassurance and support in terms of IT infrastructure through an innovative IaaS solution.
  • Simplified processes, a better overview of stock management and pricing, faster order intake and better coordination between departments.


HAIN CELESTIAL Europe relies on Cegeka to optimise its inter-company cooperation.


  • Optimising international and inter-company cooperation through the implementation of the same IT environment for all individual subsidiaries.
  • Automating all inter-company billing administration.
  • Creating a global financial data structure so that the report results of all entities have the same format.


  • An IT platform that allows faster integration of future business acquisitions and uniform reporting, directly from the ERP system.
  • Improved customer service due to the swift exchange of information on product availability.
  • Traceability of end products and raw materials across different companies.