Why us?

The Nearshore Factory is a team of dedicated professionals who provide
high-quality IT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives.

The Nearshore Factory is a team of dedicated professionals who provide high-quality IT solutions that help clients achieve their business objectives.

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Why choose us?

We are technology gurus. We like to bring innovative elements to every project we develop. We are experts in R&D Outsourcing, Application Development Application Management, Agile Transformation and Remote Infrastructure Management.

We have the happiest clients on Earth. Their successful stories are the proof of our implication. Because we like to work with them in close cooperation, they are satisfied with our services and our "out of the box" ideas.

We train our employees. We offer them support and Agile teams to develop both hard and soft skills. Employee retention is one key business line we focus permanently. Happy employee equals happy client. With 37% financial growth in 2015 and the opening of a new office in the cultural and academic hub of Iasi, we are always on the hunt for the country’s best talent.

Benefits of working with us:
  • Flexible business model
  • Quality through our Agile approach
  • XP practices
  • Continuous integration
  • Incremental Design/Refactoring
  • Test Driven Development
  • Pair programming
  • Collective Code Ownership
  • Kanban Optimization Model
  • Skills and scalability
Our nearshoring models

In our nearshore factory, we tap into our customer’s perspective. Being close to customers enables us to be inovative. In times of digitization, nearshoring puts aside cultural barriers or any concerns you, as a client, may have. Excelence is our main focus, as well as delivering the best nearshore customized services to our clients.

Fixed Price Mode

All the requirements, specifications, schedules and budgets can be clearly defined before the start of the project development.

Time and Materials (T&M)

T&M model is gaining more and more popularity, as it enables both parties to have more control over the development process, instead of making an educated estimation at eventual expenses and changes.

Dedicated Team Model

Dedicated Team is a business model where both the outsource provider and the client make an agreement over the workload and the project requirements for a specified amount of time. In this case, we leave the client in full control over the team and the project.

BOT Model (Build-Operate-Transfer Model)

This model gives you the benefit of having a stable and scalable software developers group, with the possibility to transfer it into your own company, full control over the team and the workflow.

Local or Remote Account Management

Based on your demands or constraints, we can offer account management directly to your company in Belgium, Holland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Poland or we can nearshore dedicated teams.

Onsite/Nearshore resource mix

We will offer you distributed teams, both from Romania, but also local teams who will satisfy your business needs.

Our team

Lucian Butnaru
Lucian Butnaru
General Manager

Lucian Butnaru started his entrepreunerial work back in 1998, when he was still in his Junior Year at at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and founded Akela Informatique as a software development company. The business took off and made its first million dollars in revenues in 2000, employing over 70 engineers.  Lucian continued to pursue other business ventures, mostly in the Technology area where he sits in the board or management committees of multiple companies.

Marius Joian
Marius Joian
Marketing and Business Development Manager

Marius Joian has a 10 years experience in advertising and communication. He previously worked as a brand manager for FrieslandCampina in Romania. FrieslandCampina is the world’s largest dairy co-operative and one of the top 5 dairy companies in the world. At Cegeka, Marius keeps business and marketing actions aligned with the goals of the company and he oversees the day-to-day marketing and business operations.

Adrian Canutescu
Adrian Canutescu
Operations Manager

Adrian Canutescu started his career in the medical field and has worked in BioInformatics in America for more then one year. His experience in the United States helped him become an Agile expert and has developed Strong communication and interpersonal skills, demonstrated in multinational and interdisciplinary environments. Adrian is a Results-oriented manager with proven abilities in optimizing processes, cutting costs and providing innovative solutions. He is certified SCRUM master and at Cegeka, together with the management team, Adrian contributes to the development and implementation of organizational strategies, policies and practices.

Tom de Vos
Tom de Vos
Director Cegeka Global Managed Services Center

Tom de Vos has been working in Cegeka Romania for over 6 years. He started as a country Manager in 2010. Tom is in line with our entrepreneurial culture and fits perfectly in our working environment. He is the owner of an IT company founded 13 years ago, called Keep IT Working.

Mihaela Joian
Mihaela Joian
HR Manager

Mihaela is a dynamic, emphatic person, who loves to work in teams. Because she loves people, Mihaela is an active participant at HR conferences. Mihaela has experience in all HR areas: recruiting, training, performance management, career development, diversity program development, employee relations, employee engagement, benefits, compensation, payroll, safety, compliance issues, HR consultancy in various fields like IT, FMCG, Real Estate, Retail, Investments, Electronics and Security. She is extremely dedicated in finding the right person for the position and also the best fit position and company for the candidate, respecting every step in managing with success each project.

Stefan Chirigiu
Stefan Chirigiu
Finance Business Partner

Stefan joined Cegeka in 2011 and since then he has been in charge with all the financial operations. He manages the finance operations for Cegeka Romania and the direct finance reports within Cegeka Group. Stefan has excellent communication skills, manages a dedicated team and provides leadership to the Board’s Finance and Accounting Strategy.